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What do you do with Mike’s Hot honey?

How can you unlock hot honey’s flavor potential? “Drizzling it over pepperoni pizza is the top pairing, but it’s also delicious on fried chicken, paired with a cheese plate, or mixed into cocktails like a spicy margarita,” says Mike Kurtz, founder of the Brooklyn, New York-based Mike’s Hot Honey.

Does Whole Foods carry mikes hot honey?

You can find Mike’s Hot Honey at Whole Foods Market stores in New York, Western Connecticut and New Jersey.

Do you refrigerate Mike’s Hot honey?

Do I need to refrigerate my Mike’s Hot Honey after opening? No. Mike’s Hot Honey is best stored at room temperature before and after opening.

Where is Mike’s Hot Honey from?

Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Mike’s Hot Honey can now be found on restaurant menus and retail shelves across the US. Mike in front of the pizza oven at Paulie Gee’s circa 2010.

Is Mikes Hot Honey really spicy?

Mike’s Hot Honey has a good balance of spicy and sweet, and the honey lends a delicate floral flavor. It’s thick and rich, just like any good honey. But the heat of the chiles hits your tongue immediately. There’s no mistaking this is one hot honey.

Is Hot Honey good on pizza?

Whether drizzled on pizza, poured onto ice cream, or stirred into a cool-dude cocktail, hot honey makes many things better. But you knew that. It’s nearly ubiquitous in the country’s better pizzerias and has landed on food trend lists for half a decade.

What is in Mike’s Hot Honey?

Made with 100% pure honey, real chili peppers and vinegar. Mike’s Hot Honey is all natural, gluten-free, paleo-friendly and contains no artificial sugar or preservatives.

What cheese is good with hot honey?

The Best Cheese for Honey

Honey pairs well with almost any type of cheese. It is especially good with mild and creamy cheese, a spicy blue, an aged cheese, or a tangy, acidic cheese. Types of cheese that are good with honey include: Ricotta drizzled with honey can be served for breakfast or even as a dessert.

Who owns Mike’s Hot honey?

Mike Kurtz, Founder, Mike’s Hot Honey“Since we launched 10 years ago, we’ve purposely kept our product line very focused,” said Mike’s Hot Honey Founder, Mike Kurtz.

How spicy is hot honey?

Hot honey has sweetness but with a kick of heat at the end. It’s not very spicy. According to Pepperscale, it’s comparable to Frank’s RedHot, which comes in around 450 Scoville heat units (SHU). At that rate, it’s considered mild and family-friendly.

Does ShopRite sell Mike’s Hot honey?

Mikes Hot Honey Infused with Chilies 12.00 oz ShopRite.

What do people put hot honey on?

Here are our top 10 favorite uses for hot honey…

  • Pizza – It’s one of the most popular foods for hot honey.
  • Cheese – Much like pizza, the saltiness of the cheese balances nicely with the sweetness of the honey.
  • Breakfast Sandwiches – You can’t go wrong hitting a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with a little hot honey.
  • How long is Mike’s Hot Honey Good For?

    Forever! Mike’s Hot Honey does not expire.

    How long does Hot Honey keep?

    Hot honey is shelf-stable and fine to eat after 6-8 months, so don’t worry about having to use it up super quickly.

    How much is mikes hot honey worth?

    Mikes Hot Honey’s annual revenues are $10-$50 million (see exact revenue data) and has 10-100 employees. It is classified as operating in the General Line Grocery Merchant Wholesalers industry.

    Do you put honey on pizza before or after cooking?

    Drizzle the honey after the pizza is cooked, otherwise the dough may get soggy. If you’d like to dip your toes in honeyed waters, try the modified Epicurious recipe for margherita pizza below. Drizzle as much honey as you like; even at Emily, the amount of honey on a pie varies.

    Where did hot honey on pizza originate?

    The US brand Mike’s Hot Honey identifies the real origin story begins when their founder discovered hot honey in 2003 at a pizzeria in Brazil. He brought the recipe home, introduced the condiment to his employer at a Brooklyn pizzeria and the business boomed from there.

    Where did honey on pizza start?

    Once Paulie drizzled it on The Dellboy — his soppressata-topped signature — it turned into a permanent fixture. The pie, rechristened as The Hellboy, became the stuff of legend. Customers couldn’t get enough, so Mike started bottling and selling his spicy honey off of the pizzeria’s bar.

    What is the honey for on a charcuterie board?

    It brings out flavors in cheeses you think you don’t like

    Sure the cranberries and pecans really add to the flavor, but the honey is the underlying flavor that takes it to the next level.

    What kind of honey is used for charcuterie?

    Adding Honey to Your Holiday Charcuterie Board. In addition to a common starch, hard & soft cheeses, & cured meats, we recommend incorporating something sweet like raw honeycomb to your plate for a few reasons: Adds a layer of freshness to each bite.

    How do you eat honey cheese?

    Brie is lovely when drizzled with dark bamboo or buckwheat honey. Bake a wheel of brie with honey to caramelize the top and offer a gooey delight for your guests. Goat cheese and other tangy cheeses like feta benefit from a drizzle of honey. Try different varietals and see what varietals you like the best.

    How many carbs are in Mike’s hot honey?

    Mod Pizza

    Nutrition Facts
    % Daily Value *
    How much fat is in Mike’s Hot Honey? Amount of fat in Mike’s Hot Honey: Total Fat 0g
    How much sodium is in Mike’s Hot Honey? Amount of sodium in Mike’s Hot Honey: Sodium 0mg 0%
    How many carbs are in Mike’s Hot Honey? Amount of carbs in Mike’s Hot Honey: Carbohydrates 18g

    Is Hot Honey toxic?

    Honey goes through a change in the color, texture and loses its nutrient value, when cooked or heated. In fact, heating honey can turn toxic and change the texture like glue.

    Is Mikes Hot Honey pasteurized?

    I just emailed them a question to find out if the product was pasteurized or cold infused, because I was curious about the nutritional quality of Mike’s Hot Honey.

    Flavor Original
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 2 x 2 x 6.5 inches

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