Diabetic Bran Muffins

Is eating bran muffins good for you?

Because they taste amazing and they’re good for you too! Bran muffins are packed with vitamins, minerals, and other important things such as fiber. These golden beauties are filled with bran, whole wheat flour, low-fat “buttermilk,” Greek yogurt, coconut oil, and fresh fruit.

Do bran muffins have a lot of carbs?

Rich in total carbohydrates, Super One’s bran muffins are a good source of dietary fiber — a type of carbohydrate — and protein.

How much sugar does a bran muffin have?

Nutrient Or Vitamin name Amount in Grams Or Milligrams % Daily Value*
Sodium 350mg 15%
Total Carbohydrate 75g 25%
Dietary Fiber 7g 28%
Sugars 31g

Are bran muffins high in cholesterol?

Here’s the problem with the bran muffin: Although bran can help lower LDL cholesterol, the butter, sugar and eggs aren’t doing your LDL levels any favors. While this bran muffin may not raise your cholesterol, it certainly won’t help you lower it.

How many bran muffins should I eat a day?

Bran muffins can be enjoyed as part of a healthy and complete diet — just don’t down three or four in one sitting or make this an every morning treat. If a store-bought muffin is a must, make sure to cut it in half and save the rest for later.

Are raisin bran muffins healthy?

Here’s why we love them: They are made with whole wheat white flour and bran flakes, so they are full of heart-healthy fiber. Coconut oil keeps them super moist. California raisins give them just the right amount of sweetness along with extra fiber, potassium and 6% of your daily iron (per serving).

Will bran muffins help you poop?

It should be no surprise that studies show wheat bran can relieve constipation and improve digestion. The outer layer of the wheat kernel is a fiber force with a whopping 25 grams per cup. Sprinkle it over your oatmeal, eat a bowl of bran cereal, or whip up a batch of bran muffins.

Can bran muffins cause weight gain?

If you bake or buy bran muffins make sure that they don’t contain too much fat (oil, margarine or butter) and not too much sugar and only eat one muffin at a time. If you eat 3 or 4 of those super-large bran muffins that are sold at some restaurants every day then you will gain weight.

How many carbs are in a homemade bran muffin?

Calories in Homemade Bran Muffins

Calories 134.2
Total Carbohydrate 27.0 g
Dietary Fiber 2.8 g
Sugars 13.1 g
Protein 3.5 g

How many carbs are in a large bran muffin?


Nutrition Facts
How many carbs are in Bran Muffin? Amount of carbs in Bran Muffin: Carbohydrates 52.3g
How many net carbs are in Bran Muffin? Amount of net carbs in Bran Muffin: Net carbs 45.4g
How much fiber is in Bran Muffin? Amount of fiber in Bran Muffin: Fiber 6.9g 28%

How many calories are in a Safeway bran muffin?

There are 250 calories in 1 muffin (76 g) of Safeway Bran Muffin.

How many carbs are in a Tim Hortons bran muffin?


Serving Size 1 muffin
Total Carbohydrates 63g 21%
Dietary Fiber 4g 16%
Sugars 36g
Protein 5g 10%

How many calories is 1 bran muffin?

There are 178 calories in 1 small Oat Bran Muffin.

How many calories and carbs in a bran muffin?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 170 Calories from Fat 70
Sodium 135mg 6%
Total Carbohydrate 24g 8%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%

Do bran muffins help you lose weight?

In general, yes, but mainly due to benefits that you can replicate with other foods. Oat bran is very high in fiber, so it makes you feel full and aids in speedy elimination.

Does all bran lower cholesterol?

1 cup (34 g) of All-Bran Multi-Grain Crunch* cereal with psyllium provides 45 % of the daily amount of fibre shown to help lower cholesterol.

Are bran muffins good for your heart?

These moist, delicious muffins are highly nutritious and heart-healthy. The oat bran and flaxseed meal contained in these muffins are a great way to lower cholesterol. The flaxseed meal will also give you an omega-3 boost, which may help to prevent heart disease. The muffins are also high in fiber.

Are Costco muffins healthy?

Costco’s large muffins are especially unhealthy because a bigger muffin equals a bigger volume of bad ingredients, according to Donna Rose RDN, LDN, owner of Nona’s Nutrition Notes. “Starting with calories, large muffins can have a whole meal’s worth and then some,” Rose says.

Are blueberry muffins healthy for you?

The average coffee shop blueberry muffin is hardly what you’d call a health food: It’s got almost 470 calories—nearly double what you’d get from a chocolate frosted donut—and most of those calories come from refined carbohydrates, primarily white flour and sugar.

Can I eat muffins everyday?

Eating a daily muffin can harm your heart health

Sugar isn’t the only reason why store-bought muffins should be an occasional treat and not a daily staple. As Harvard researchers point out, regular commercial muffins can also contain as much as 367 mg of sodium.

Is wheat bran better than oat bran?

A cup of wheat bran has 125 calories and 2.5 grams of fat, while a cup of oat bran has 231 calories and 6.5 grams of fat. Wheat bran is higher in fiber, with 25 grams per cup compared to oat bran’s 14.5 grams. Oat bran has more protein, but overall, wheat bran is more conducive to weight loss.

Can bran muffins cause constipation?

Bran fiber, especially, can lead to stomach upset and constipation and make IBS symptoms worse.

Is oat bran as good as wheat bran for constipation?

Studies have shown the difference in stool composition after consuming wheat bran or oat bran. Wheat bran increases stool concentration of sugars and plant material more than oat bran, but oat bran has more fecal bacteria mass. It was concluded oat bran increases stool weight more than wheat bran.

What foods will make you poop right away?

15 Healthy Foods That Help You Poop

  • Apples. Apples are a good source of fiber, with one small apple (5.3 ounces or 149 grams) providing 3.6 grams of fiber ( 2 ).
  • Prunes. Prunes are often used as a natural laxative — and for good reason.
  • Kiwi.
  • Flax seeds.
  • Pears.
  • Beans.
  • Rhubarb.
  • Artichokes.
  • Is raisin bran cereal healthy?

    Raisin bran is a popular cereal made with bran flakes and raisins, often giving it the appearance of being a healthy breakfast choice. However, while raisin bran is a good source of fiber and important micronutrients like iron and folate, it tends to be high in added sugar.

    What to drink to make you poop immediately?

    Black tea, green tea, and coffee naturally contain caffeine, a stimulant that speeds up bowel movements in many people. People often drink these beverages in the morning to wake themselves up and encourage a bowel movement.

    Will eating bran help lose weight?

    A scientific review indicates that increased consumption of fibre is vital in curbing obesity and can aid in weight loss. The most important function of wheat bran atta for weight loss is that it keeps you satiated and full all day long. This is because bran consists of insoluble concentrated fibre.

    Can you lose weight eating All-Bran?

    As a high-fiber food, a bowl of wheat bran flakes in the morning can give you a great start to getting more fiber each day. A couple of ways that fiber in food may help with weight loss is by adding bulk, so you feel full faster, and by delaying how fast your stomach empties, keeping you feeling full longer.

    Which cereal is best for weight loss?

    The Best Breakfast Cereals for Weight Loss

  • General Mills Cheerios.
  • Kellogg’s All-Bran.
  • General Mills Fiber One Original.
  • Kashi 7 Whole Grain Nuggets.
  • Kellogg’s Bite Size Unfrosted Mini-Wheats.
  • Kashi GoLean.
  • Post Shredded Wheat ‘n Bran.
  • Nature’s Path Organic SmartBran.
  • Is bran a good carb?


    Whole grains are the holy grail of healthy carbs with foods like bran flakes, porridge, brown pasta, bread and rice making a great alternative to their ‘white food’ counterparts.

    How many calories are in a Tim Hortons raisin bran muffin?

    There are 370 calories in 1 muffin (115 g) of Tim Hortons Raisin Bran Muffin.

    How much fiber is in a wheat bran muffin?

    Toaster-type with raisins, toasted

    Nutrition Facts
    How much sugar is in Wheat bran muffins? Amount of sugar in Wheat bran muffins: Sugar 7.8g
    How much fiber is in Wheat bran muffins? Amount of fiber in Wheat bran muffins: Fiber 2.8g 12%

    How many calories are in a jumbo bran muffin?

    Region: US

    Serving Ingredient Calories
    140.85 g bran muffin 380
    2.76 tbsp raisin 117

    Are bran muffins high in potassium?

    The favorite choice for the term “Bran Muffins” is 100 g muffins, oat bran which has about , 507 mg potassium.

    How many carbs are in a Safeway bran muffin?


    Serving Size: 1muffin Servings Per Container: 4
    Calories Amount Per Serving 420 % Daily Value
    Total Carbohydrate Amount Per serving 54g Daily Value 18%

    How long do Safeway muffins last?

    Properly stored, freshly baked muffins will last for about 1 to 2 days at normal room temperature. How long do muffins last in the fridge? Freshly baked muffins will keep well for about 1 week in the fridge when properly stored.

    How many calories in a Safeway blueberry muffin?

    There are 460 calories in 1 muffin (167 g) of Safeway Blueberry Muffin.

    Are Tim Hortons muffins healthy?

    Muffins. While seemingly healthy, Tim Hortons muffins are calorically dense due to their high sugar and fat content. While neither of these ingredients are “bad,” the amount in one muffin is a little too high for a breakfast item.

    Does Tim Hortons have bran muffins?

    Raisin Bran Muffin – Tim Hortons.

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